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Excited - The Soundtrack
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Excited - The Soundtrack
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Excited the book & Movie

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Rachel Nicolas

Nicolas is Laurie’s good-looking friend whose beauty belied a deviant streak. She is apparently very kind and pleasant in Chrislan’s presence but as soon as his back is turned she changes radically. Nicola wanted to make the most out of C [ Read More.. ]

BEE (18yrs)

Bee (Age 18) Laurie’s reasonable friend who has refused to toe Kathya’s line about Chrislan being bad for Laurie. Despite the disruptive machinations of her other friends, Bee remains constant and supportive to Laurie, particularly when othe [ Read More.. ]

Kathya (18 yrs)

Kathya is Laurie’s flat mate and best friend. She is smart, manipulative and knows what to do to get what she wants. She has never approved of the relationship between Laurie and Chrislan. She feels protective towards Laurie, and has always que [ Read More.. ]

Manon Danielles

Manon is a successful reality and television star, mostly known for her roles in French/ USA prime-time television shows. Due to her celebrity profile and media connection, she was able to help Chrislan sign with Man’s records. Manon and Chr [ Read More.. ]

Stephan Gaston

Apart from being a model coach Stephan is Chrislan’s best friend and co-owns a modelling agency with Chrislan. He really knows how Chrislan functions as they have experienced so much together. Stephan is also sceptical about Chrislan’s relati [ Read More.. ]

Fabrice Charvey

Fabrice is generally reasonable, calm, smart, a good listener and very faithful to his boss Erickson, particularly when it comes to business decision. Fabrice is the diplomatic foil to Erickson’s brusque pragmatic approach. On a human level [ Read More.. ]

Martin Erickson

Martine Erickson (age 48) Martine Erickson is one of the founding partners at Mans Records Production. He is always referred to as the “big boss”, and is an executive known for identifying and signing promising new talent. His strategy is base [ Read More.. ]

Chrislan Treasure

Chrislan is a singer/songwriter who is in his early 20’s. He is a dedicated musician, having been given a guitar by a relative at the age of 11, he has developed his own style of playing (several instruments), and singing. He is mainly influenc [ Read More.. ]

Laurie Carmen

Laurie is an 18year old aspiring medical practitioner. She hails from Canada, but has developed bonds with some of her fellow student that are so strong she regards them as part of her family. She is generally demure, reserved and blessed with ma [ Read More.. ]